Sauna Session



Far Infrared Sauna Sessions

Sauna Benefits

∞ This sauna uses far infrared wavelength elements
∞ Sweat & detoxification is induced from deep in the tissues
∞ Sweating is the body’s preferred method of toxin & chemical excretion
∞ Sauna helps eliminate: toxins, PCBs, BPA, heavy metals
∞ Known health benefits: weight loss, lowered blood pressure, hormone homeostasis, improved cholesterol and cardiovascular dysfunction, reduced pain, improved circulation, acne, skin elasticity & firmness
∞ An estimated (up to) 600 calories can be burned in 30 minutes
∞ Low & slow: best to begin sessions at 110-120° for 15 minutes
∞ Drink plenty of water (8 oz per 10 lbs) and consume lots of vitamin C (food or supplemented via bioflavonoids) to further assist toxin excretion
∞ May be several sessions before increased sweating is induced
∞ Sessions include towel/s, chlorophyll water, tea, a view of the ocean, and an area to stretch/meditate

You can purchase a sauna session here or venmo: @cami-smalley-1 (verify by Enroot Wellness logo as profile picture). Each session is 22 (25 if paying via credit card/PayPal to account for transaction fee), or Buy 4 Get 1 Free (90.) You will then receive an email with a link to book a sauna session.

Sessions allow use of the sauna room for 45 minutes, with suggested 30-minute sessions at between 120-140 degrees.


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