Food Plan (Personalized)


Accompanying the food plan
– It’s not a diet, it’s an exciting and new way of eating, optimized and personalized with you in mind!
– phone or in-person consult
– easy-to-shop grocery list
– 7-day+ recipe plans with easy-to-make recipes and ingredient lists



Optimal Food Plan easy-to-follow

Based on your unique needs, a food plan will be prepared to address current symptoms and patterns of nutrient deficiencies. Examples include targeting Mitochondria health, Elimination of food triggers or inflammation, Energy enhancement, low FODMAP, Cardiovascular support, Detoxification, and more.

What’s required of you? After committing to a way of eating for a 3-week timeframe (minimum), and purchasing this functional food plan, you will complete a health profile questionnaire (metabolic assessment) which takes about 5-10 minutes. That’s it. Nothing more.

If you’d like to provide more information with which to determine the most optimal functional food plan, you can opt in to complete a full health and family history, which takes about an hour to complete. Either/both options will be provided in the confirmation page and in an email to you after purchase.

Speaking from your future self, this is an ideal way forward if you’re fed up with dieting, unsure of what ails you, or just want to feel better. Finally!


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