Immunity Workup


Involves a functional nutrition evaluation to determine a personalized approach for healing your gut* and boosting systemic immunity.

You will receive a:
+ Wellness Consult
Matrix Map of your systems
+ Supplement Plan to support tailored immune boosting (with purchase options at less than retail prices from the online dispensary)
*Food Sensitivity test strongly recommended for added improvement to Immunity workup

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defense & repair gut health…

The microbiome of our gut is soil for our immunity.

Gut health is impacted by a myriad of conditions starting with our mother’s diet, whether we were bottle or breast-fed, antibiotics administered when we were children and through adulthood. The microbiome is directly affected by our way of eating, the way we stress, the activity of our vagus nerve, and so much more. How do you contribute to your gut’s soil?

The body has a tremendous capability to heal. This begins at the cellular level. Together, let’s determine what your soil and your cells need most.

*We strongly recommend adding a food sensitivity test to assess foods that may be offending your gut on a daily basis. In combination with this personalized immunity plan, removal/reduction of problematic foods can lead to less inflammation, a reduction in leaky gut, intestinal permeability, and in supporting a more robust ecosystem. Removal of these foods is not typically lifelong, as our gut is not static. Repair of the gut lining may allow for re-introduction within 6-16 weeks, depending on the individual.


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