Garden Plan


Accompanying the plan
• 2 Wellness Consultations
• Food Sensitivity Test or Bloodwork Analysis
(Bloodwork test/s priced separately)
• Metabolic Assessment & Focus on Systems Impacted
• Nutrient & Nutraceutical Recommendations
• Muscle Testing
• Tailored Food Plan


Seed + food test or BWA

More details:
• functional evaluation, tailored food plan, personalized supplement & superfood recommendations
wellness consultations can either be 2 full sessions (up to one hour each) or 1 full + 2 check-in (30-minute sessions each)
food sensitivity test (to 3 or 22 foods to determine unknown food offenders, which can help resolve chronic inflammation in the gut, immune/autoimmune activity, and increase absorption of nutrients) OR bloodwork analysis (to identify patterns; nutrient insufficiencies, imbalances, which body systems are in need of attention)
tailored food plan (food first approach to address your body’s current needs, reduce inflammation and enhance antioxidant capacity (as one example), comes complete with recipes, weekly planner, shopping list)
metabolic assessment + personalized supplement recommendations: brand + dose of professional-grade supplements at prices less than retail (select supplements kept in inventory, and others can be ordered here: Enroot Wellness online dispensary)
• further testing recommendations (if applicable)

The analysis highlights nutrient pitfalls and patterns of imbalance related to epigenetic (diet, lifestyle, food sensitivity, and predisposed) influencers on absorption, assimilation, and production of key metabolites. The recommendations will address all of the above, and follow your progress over 6-8 weeks* of implementation for optimal function.

*monthly followups or a concierge option are great ways to ensure continued healing and peeling back all the layers (inquire within if interested in the concierge option through Enroot Wellness)

You will have all the information at your fingertips. Maybe you start with some of the supplements and simple stress modifiers initially, and then try out the food plan the following month.
We meet you where you’re at.
We tweak the plan along the way.
We determine (together) what works for you, and what produces positive results.

A word about nutraceuticals: at Enroot Wellness we aim for a food-first and supplement the gaps approach. Supplementing with nutrients like: antioxidants, botanicals, enzymes, minerals, superfoods, and or multi-vitamins can be a quick & efficient way to provide a wide array of nutrients in condensed form, allowing us to target specific deficiencies or upregulate certain pathways that require those nutrients in abundance.


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