A. ION Gut Support (formerly Restore)


ION* Gut Support benefits (formerly Restore and ION Gut Health):
1. Help Balance Gut Health and Promote Gut-Brain Well-Being
2. Support Gluten Tolerance
3. Support Respiratory Wellness
4. Combat Environmental Exposures
5. Promote Immune Function
6. Enhance Mental Clarity

Recommended for both people and pets!

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for repair of leaky gut+respiratory

This mineral supplement has been shown to provide a vast scope of repair inside the body. In repairing the gut lining through improving tight junctions and reducing intestinal permeability (also known as “leaky gut”), symptoms like headaches, indigestion, constipation, mood imbalances, or PMS-related conditions can be reduced or eliminated. This solution serves as a signal to the body’s production of beneficial enzymes that serve as signaling molecules between cells. Specifically, it combats environmental exposures by increasing the enzyme DPP4, which chews up chemical threats, like glyphosate/Roundup®.

ION Gut Health defends against environmental toxins (proven against glyphosate and gluten), as well as lends support to respiratory function, enhances mental clarity, and supports production of neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine (made mostly in the gut, not the brain). Swishing the solution in your mouth can also help with bad bacteria in the gums!

This is an all-natural, earth-derived gut health supplement in liquid form. The proprietary active ingredient, Terrahydrite® was extracted from raw materials from a fruitland plantation in NM, and is comprised of aqueous humic substances and trace mineral amino acid complexes. This compound has over a million variations of carbon backbone redox molecules. It is not a probiotic, nor a prebiotic. It is not a nutrient. It is a signal. It sets the foundation for an optimal gut environment.

What is it? Aqueous Humic Substance (Terrahydrite®) and lignite extract.

What does that mean? Exactly. It’s a mouthful. If all you want to know is that it is safe and effective and powerful, it is. It has undergone several human, placebo-controlled, double blind clinical trials.

For those that want more information, the solution contains soil-derived carbon molecules which promote redox signaling. Feel free to download the scientific white papers in PDFs below:
ION Terrahydrite: Blood-Brain Barrier Response in Gluten Injury
ION Terrahydrite: Intestinal Permeability
ION Terrahydrite: Tight Junction Response to Glyphosate Injury
ION Terrahydrite: Increase Lysine Concentrations

(Due to the “Restore” product in the trials being rebranded to “ION Gut Health”, these terms are interchangeable: ION Terrahydrite = ION Gut Health = RESTORE in these scientific papers)

ION Sinus Support Spray
Same formula as the ION Gut Support (above) yet provided in a spritzer to easily dispense high up into the nostrils. Simply refill with the 32 oz bottle. We can support the microbiome of the gut by ingesting this stuff, yet when we lie down to go to sleep the microbiome of the respiratory and nasal passages mix with the microbiome of the gut. Addressing both for a tag-team effort can enhance overall microbiome health.

ION Support for Pets
Liquid utilizes the innovative blend, Terrahydrite®, to get to the root of pet health, defending them from environmental allergens and supporting cell-to-cell communication. Stronger communication leads to a stronger gut. Healing starts at the foundation of microbiome health.


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