Seed Plan


Accompanying the plan for root cause resolution
• 2 Wellness Sessions (initial 90 mins, followup 60 minutes)
• Functional Evaluation
• Tailored Supplement + Superfood Nutrient Recommendations
• An IFS session is also an option for one of the two sessions

This basic plan is for someone who wants to address chronic ails, age more gracefully, and sort out age-related symptoms through root cause resolution.


2 sessions + fxnal eval

Wellness is reached through ongoing self care and discovery. One nutritional consult is not enough time to get to know you and your story. After a couple sessions together and getting to what your body is needing, a unique intervention plan will be prepared for you. Plan for 75-90 minutes in our first session, and 45-60 for followups.

What is root cause resolution? This is about upstream causes to downstream symptoms. We address the symptom, the condition, the disease, by following the roots of its inception, and feeding the root system at the cellular level. This plan includes, but is not limited to:

• functional evaluation: health concerns, goals, pain points addressed and review of metabolic questionnaire results (see below for link)
• the five “knowns”: specific tools to implement immediately to help you in your journey towards health and healing
• once health history is provided, a thorough review of a timeline of your symptoms and personalized functional medicine map will be provided to further highlight organ systems most in need of attention
• stress modification recommendations from energy work and breathing exercises

Feed the cells, shift the terrain, for root cause resolution of symptoms

What’s needed from you? Completion of this intake questionnaire to assess your metabolic fitness (takes about 15 minutes), prior to our first visit together.

A word about nutraceuticals: at Enroot Wellness we aim for a food-first and supplement the gaps approach. Supplementing with nutrients like: antioxidants, botanicals, enzymes, minerals, superfoods, and or multi-vitamins can be a quick & efficient way to provide a wide array of nutrients in condensed form, allowing us to target specific deficiencies or upregulate certain pathways that require those nutrients in abundance.


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