Bloodwork Analysis (excl. Blood Test)


Accompanying the bloodwork assessment
• proprietary functional findings analysis from single blood draw* (i.e. one date, up to 60 biomarkers)
• PDF of results based on optimal/ideal ranges, explanation of each biomarker, why it is decreased or elevated, and a list of which nutrient deficiencies are present
• personalized wellness plan + nutraceutical recommendations

Recommended for the individual who has an affinity for action and resolve.

This Bloodwork Analysis is if you want to order a blood test via Enroot Wellness and have the results reviewed based on optimal/ideal ranges, which is more in depth than conventional lab ranges. Please purchase a blood test along with the Bloodwork Analysis on this page. Reach out with any questions.


Up to 60 biomarkers, 1 blooddraw

Scope of the assessment
The analysis includes a PDF read-out with biomarker result, functional findings: normal or out-of-range, based on optimal range (age & biological gender-dependent), information & recommendations to improve related symptoms of discomfort and the quality of your health.

The wellness plan will accompany the option to order professional grade supplements at prices less than retail, and further testing recommendations (if applicable).

This is for you if you want to know specifically which foods, supplements & superfoods would resolve innate or transient nutrient insufficiencies, and spend less money on supplements & diet gimmicks that may not be ideal for your body chemistry.

Macronutrients provide energy and building blocks for tissue/organ development, fiber for our microbiota, cholesterol for hormone production, and more. Micronutrients contribute to energy production, tissue development, hormone and neurotransmitter production, brain function, immune function, and more. Whether one’s way of eating, one’s genetics, or their epigenetics is the reason for nutrient deficiencies, this plan determines the gaps and gives you a plan to help fill in those gaps. Nutritional supplement plans may include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, superfoods, and or botanicals. These nutraceuticals provide a wide array of nutrients in condensed form, allowing us to target specific deficiencies or upregulate certain pathways that require those nutrients in abundance.

*purchase Bloodwork Analysis Add-On also, if: 1. blood test results are not in-hand and assistance is wanted** with ordering the blood tests through your doctor/insurance, 2. you have more biomarkers (>60), or 3. you have blood test results from a second blood draw date (and want the patterns analyzed)

**Insurance coverage varies. Basic blood tests, like CBC, metabolic panel, lipid panel, etc, are typically covered as annual bloodwork for health maintenance. Please consult with your doctor to ensure they code properly for tests ordered. If you would like us to facilitate this with your physician, please purchase Bloodwork Analysis Add-On. Alternatively, having appropriate Blood Tests ordered via Enroot Wellness is also an option, and is typically a more timely and efficient process.

Services can be added for a discounted rate
Food Sensitivity Testing: to help determine current food antigens contributing to nutrient deficiencies, absorption issues, and/or inflammation in the body
Personalized Food Plan to address patterns of imbalance, deficiency, or inflammation, (eg. Cardiometabolic or Mitochondria food plans)
Farm Plan (includes all of the above)
• Sauna Session (if local to Portland, ME): induces detoxification of heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals, can help with weight loss, lowering blood pressure, improving cholesterol status, cardiovascular function, pain, acne, circulation, and skin elasticity

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