Farm Plan


Accompanying the plan
• 3 Wellness Consultations
• Metabolic Assessment & Focus on Systems Impacted
• Nutrient & Nutraceutical recommendations
• Muscle testing
• Personalized Wellness Plan
• Food Sensitivity Test (22 foods)
• Bloodwork Analysis
• Tailored Food Plan*

*not to exceed 3 months from initial visit

Recommended for the individual who has an affinity for action and resolve. You want to know specifically which foods, supplements & superfoods would resolve innate or transient nutrient insufficiencies, and spend less money on supplements & diet gimmicks that may not be ideal for your body chemistry.


Blood test sold separately (Enroot Wellness recommends Forest blood test (~118.)

Enroot Wellness aims for root cause resolution through reducing inflammation and enhancing antioxidant capacity. This is about upstream causes to downstream symptoms. We will address the symptom, the condition, the disease, by following the roots of its inception, and feeding the root system at the cellular level. Benefits experienced in physical, mental, and emotional health.

What to expect
1st visit: We’ll start with an introduction of functional medicine and Enroot Wellness’ dedication to your health, and talk about your questions, health concerns, and goals. A metabolic fitness questionnaire will be provided, which takes about 10 minutes to complete. This will identify systems most impacted and we will discuss next steps for resolving.

Our first or second session together will last between 1.25-1.5 hours, and subsequent visit 1 hour. You will receive a personalized wellness plan to begin implementing immediately. Reports and resources will be provided along the way during or after each wellness consult.

Before 2nd: Prior to our 2nd visit, you will receive a link to register in Enroot Wellness’ Living Matrix portal (from the comfort of your home). This is a HIPAA-compliant health portal. Upon completion of three questionnaire’s you will provide information on your story, primary pain points, health concerns, family history, goals, and more. These usually take about an hour to complete. Upon careful review, a functional evaluation will accompany your health profile score, a timeline of life events and a schematic of organ systems most affected. We will then meet in person or virtually to review the above as well as recommendations for restoring vitality will be discussed.

2nd visit: Bloodwork for both food sensitivity and venous blood draw will be scheduled and/or analyzed, and reviewed with you at these visits. Personalized wellness plan is developed with your input and preferences. *Tailored food plan supplied in the visit and emailed (see below). Health profile reports and resources provided at or after each visit.

2 Check-in sessions (up to 30 minutes each) will serve as follow-up visits to assess current wellness plan, answer questions, and discuss how the body is responding to the wellness plan.

Food Sensitivity Testing: tests 22 foods (or instant 3: dairy, eggs, wheat) with consult to review results, answer questions and discuss next steps. This is a simple finger-prick test, completed in-office or in the comfort of your home. Knowing and reducing offenders/antigens can help address many frequent but seemingly unrelated symptoms, like: headaches, sinus congestion, mood swings, achy joints, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, runny nose and others. Results received in approximately 1 week, along with recommendations for implementing into your way of eating. Tests for: almonds, banana, beef, brewer’s yeast, broccoli, candida, casein (milk protein), chicken, coffee, corn, cow’s milk, egg yolk, egg white, gluten, peanut, pineapple, potato (white), salmon, shrimp, tomato, turmeric, whole wheat.

Food Plan: a tailored food plan and consult *to address your specific health needs or condition* (Cardiovascular, Detox, Immunity, weight loss, etc), comes complete with recipes, grocery shopping list, weekly planner, what to look out for, common pitfalls, and other guidance. This is not a diet and not about counting calories!

Bloodwork Analysis: biomarkers in blood are interpreted based on optimal & functional ranges to determine clinical imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and patterns of dysregulation. From here, a personalized wellness plan is developed just for you, with ongoing support and research. proprietary functional findings analysis from a single blood draw (i.e. one date, up to 50 biomarkers), purchase Bloodwork Analysis Add-On if you have more biomarkers or multiple blood draw dates you want to have analyzed and compared.

**Farm plan includes the analysis of blood. Bloodwork can be from past results (within 3 months prior), or ordered through your PCP, or through Enroot Wellness. If ordering through Enroot, see Bloodwork testing info (ordered through Enroot to save time). Plan includes Forest test: CBC, lipids, thyroid, metabolic, vit D and more can be added on as needed).

All services include access to Enroot Wellness’ online apothecary with high quality nutraceuticals for you, at prices less than retail.

A word about nutraceuticals: at Enroot Wellness we aim for a food-first and supplement the gaps approach. Supplementing with nutrients like: antioxidants, botanicals, enzymes, minerals, superfoods, and or multi-vitamins can be a quick & efficient way to provide a wide array of nutrients in condensed form, allowing us to target specific deficiencies or upregulate certain pathways that require those nutrients in abundance.


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